Common questions

How does Kiroku work?

Kiroku is the fastest way to take detailed notes. Our AI-powered templates not only help you save time but increase your notes’ accuracy. The best thing about Kiroku is that it’s constantly adapting and learning based on your input.

Kiroku speeds up your note-taking by:

  • Removing the need for you to type - just click the appropriate button options instead.
  • Automating actions and notes in line with best practice. If you’ve noted that your patient smokes, we’ll automatically add smoking cessation advice to your notes (which you can then read out to your patient!)
  • Learning your note-taking style as you repeatedly use our Notes editor.

Over time, Kiroku will remember previous actions and gain confidence in automating your notes!

How does it work with my current dental software?

Kiroku doesn’t substitute your dental software - it works alongside it. Kiroku is accessible from any browser (optimised for Google Chrome).

Simply complete your notes in Kiroku and click the ‘Copy notes’ button. Then paste these notes into your dental software in a text format.

No integrations needed!

What do I need to do to get started?

Getting started is super easy. Just sign-up and follow the instructions to unlock your free trial!

Once you’re logged in you can access video tutorials and learning materials on how to get started. We also have a comprehensive Help Centre to help with all your questions.

We offer free onboarding calls and ongoing support from our team of experts
- get in touch and let us know how we can help you!

Can I make changes to the Kiroku templates?

Using our library of over 40 stock templates is a great way of starting your Kiroku journey.

We give dentists full flexibility to adapt these templates to your needs.

Want to use your own template? Our dedicated team of dentists is always on hand to help advise you on customising or importing your own templates.

Can I import my templates?

We offer support with importing and customising your own templates in the Editor if you don’t want to use one of our editable stock templates. This is included for free as part of your subscription (limited to 2 templates for customers on the free trial).

If you have a specific workflow you want to convert into a Kiroku template, our team of dentists can do it for you. Send a document with all the information and we’ll aim to build your template within 1 week!

Some dental software offers quick notes and templates, how is Kiroku different?

Most dental software allows you to upload templates with minor editing features. This creates work for you - highlighting, editing or removing chunks of text in different places. Your templates also need to cover different clinical scenarios, meaning these templates always create additional work.

Kiroku uses buttons and links to dynamically and intelligently adapt your notes based on your patient and best practice. This means you spend less time typing, highlighting and deleting sections, leading to a much smoother note-taking process and saving you time.

Unlike the other software, Kiroku is smart and learns from every user. Kiroku can make suggestions that you can accept, edit or decline. The more you use Kiroku, the smarter it gets.

Is there any GDPR or patient-consent issues?

Kiroku has been built by dentists, so everything we do is shaped by our clinical judgement and good ethics. Our platform is built with patient and clinician data privacy in mind.

If names or dates are entered into a set of Kiroku’s notes, our system detects and automatically removes this information from our servers.

Whilst information is visible to you, the Kiroku team cannot see it and we do not store it.

We hold information about you, the user. This information is kept in line with our Privacy Policy, and will never be shared without your explicit consent.

Don’t dental councils discourage the use of templates?

Dental councils discourage templates that are non-patient-specific. These often require you to paste in default text and amend the notes so that they become relevant to your patient.

These templates are a useful way to remind you of your workflow, however, issues arise when your default text needs a lot of detail to cover every eventuality! They also require a lot of editing work on your end every time you see a new patient.

Kiroku’s intelligent and dynamic system solves this problem. Our template framework uses buttons and links to populate your notes. Only relevant information is added, as it’s based on the context of your patient.

This way, your final clinical notes have been consciously inputted without the need to spend a lot of time carefully crafting or editing your notes. Kiroku notes are 60% faster to complete than using static templates.

How much does it cost?

Kiroku is free to trial.

For pricing, visit our pricing page.

Is the price per user or per practice?

Kiroku pricing is per clinician. Every clinician has their own login details and can edit their templates as they wish.

Templates can be shared with other Kiroku users too. If you want to share a template with someone who is not yet using Kiroku, they will need to sign up to access the template first.

Top tip: You can use your referral code to give someone an extended free trial of Kiroku, with money off their subscription as well as yours!

What’s the difference between the two plans?

Our Essential plan covers all you need to get started with Kiroku, including:

  • Unlimited AI-powered Notes
  • Customise your Notes Templates
  • Save Notes as Drafts

Once you feel confident with our Essential features, you can take things to the next level. Our Pro plan offers you everything you have in the Essential plan, plus:

  • Automatically create Patient Reports Referral and Consent Letters (Docs)
  • Send and Track Docs
  • E-signature Consent Forms
  • Notes Auditing
  • Priority Support

Who can use Kiroku?

Kiroku can be used by anyone who takes notes in your practice or clinic. It doesn't matter if you’re based in a dental practice or in a hospital - Kiroku will still help you write faster and more comprehensive notes.

We often find dentists and their dental nurses working together to complete notes during a patient’s appointment. For example, the dentist might complete the history sections and then the nurse completes the exam sections whilst the dentist is with the patient.

Both specialist and general dentists can also use Kiroku. If you already have comprehensive questions that you ask patients, our team is on hand to create the bespoke templates you need to do your job.

The best part is that the templates you create are tied to your Kiroku account - so you can take them with you, wherever you work.

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