About Kiroku

You’ve trained to help patients.
You’ve ended up writing documents.

Kiroku automates the least rewarding parts of a healthcare professional’s life.

We believe you can spend less time writing records with intelligent machine-learning systems. All while enhancing your legal protections and your patient’s safety.

We give you more time to focus on the things that matter to you, letting your expertise shine. Leave the note-taking and documentation to us.

The founders

Hannah Burrow & Jay Shah

Kiroku was born out of the stress of writing endless dental notes instead of treating patients.

During their time on Entrepreneur First, Hannah Burrow, a dentist, met Jay Shah, a machine learning engineer. They went from friends to business partners and brought together their expertise to create Kiroku in 2017.
Dentists spend on average 25% of their day writing notes, or 8 hours a week. To do this, they are sacrificing lunch breaks and staying late at work.

An increasingly litigious climate requires them to balance providing patient care with writing records that protect them.

Globally, healthcare services are under tremendous pressure, so time spent on documentation could be better spent on patient care.

Kiroku, a Japanese word, has multiple meanings that closely relate to our goals. It primarily means to record, document, make minutes or show a result. It also has sport-related meanings of setting records.

Our goal is to show that documentation can be completed faster than it currently is.

Initially focusing on voice and dictation technology, Kiroku now works to simplify the healthcare process for professionals with fully customisable, easy-to-use documentation templates.

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